The Salal Foundation will not fund any of the following:

  • Partisan political activities, including support or opposition of any candidate for political office;
  • Strictly religious purposes or activities;
  • General support grants;
  • Staff salaries (except in exceptional circumstances and only if organization has clear firewalls set up in advance to ensure that all Salal funding is segregated from any non-charitable work being conducted by that organization);  
  • Land acquisition;
  • Deficit financing;
  • Endowments, debt reduction, or cash flow shortfalls;
  • Funding of individual scholarships or fellowships;
  • Grants to schools, for-profit organizations, cities, regional districts, or other governmental agencies;
  • Indirect costs, overhead, or facilities administration to academic institutions or universities;
  • Books, videos, and television or film projects that are not components of a broader strategy;
  • Direct land purchases or easements;
  • Conferences, workshops, or seminars (unless they are a part of a larger scale project or program).
  • Structures, capital improvements or capital campaigns; and
  • International programs (unless the program responds to a pressing national or provincial issue where there is high potential, demonstrated demand, and a clear strategy for the wider application of the project’s lessons within Canada


The foundation will not earmark any portion of its grants for use in lobbying or influencing legislation.  The foundation may consider funding projects that include both lobbying and non-lobbying activities if a detailed budget that breaks out lobbying and non-lobbying expenses is provided, so long as the amount of a project grant requested does not exceed the non-lobbying expenses.