Salal uses the following criteria to determine whether a request is a good fit.   

  • Does your request fit with our purposes and priorities?
  • Is the project a game changer? Does the Project target the root causes of problems?
  • Does the organization have the expertise, staffing, and networks necessary to complete the project?
  • Why is your organization best positioned to carry out the project?
  • Would Salal’s resources, coupled with existing or pending support, be enough to ensure the project is successful?
  • Why is Salal’s funding critical?
  • What is your Theory-of-Change? What are the odds of success?
  • Will success on this Project build on or amplify existing momentum on this or other similar issues?
  • Are lessons learned applicable elsewhere? If so, where?
  • What future success could be built on this project?
  • Will success build increased public support for the organization or for conservation more broadly?
  • Will the project build grassroots capacity?
  • Who are allies on this issue? How does your organization plan to engage them?
  • Who will oppose your work? How does your organization plan to engage them?
  • How does the organization plan to communicate the success and perhaps more importantly, the failures of the project to a wider audience?
  • What is the urgency? What are the implications of inaction now?

Programs do not need to meet all of these criteria, but a strong proposal will address most of them.

If you think there is great alignment, please complete our submission form.